Welcome to Heavenly Golden Retrievers, we live in Lakeland Fl. on 8 acres with our wonderful Golden kids.


We believe a Golden should be a complete package not just sweet or healthy or pretty.  We at Heavenly Golden Retrievers strive to produce dogs that have all these Golden qualities wrapped up in one package.  We acquire health clearances on all our dogs and only the ones that receive certifications for hips/elbows, heart and annually for eyes are considered for breeding.  Our girls are only bred to Sires with all of these same health clearances.  We breed to produce dogs that conform to the breed standard that also have the drive and natural ability to excel in performance events such as Obedience, Hunt tests and agility.  We also are very cognizant of health, longevity and temperament.  Our goal is to breed healthy long lived Goldens with the true lovable Golden temperament.


Our puppies are raised in our home in our Family room where they can see and hear all the typical sights and sounds.  We introduce our puppies to many different textures, surroundings, sounds and even water.  They also have a lot of exposure to different people and of course lots of holding and loving.


At Heavenly Golden Retrievers our dogs are not only a family member but a loyal and loving friend and companion. Our dogs are our pets first, show dogs second, they sleep on our bed and travel with us wherever we go.


We are committed to the puppies we bring into this world and are there for them for life.  They can count on us should they ever be in need.  We are also available to you, the puppy buyer, with help or advice at any time.  In fact we hope you stay in touch and become part of the “Heavenly” family.

We are members in good standing of The Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA), Mid Florida Golden Retriever Club (MFGRC), Central Florida Hunting Retriever Club (CFHRC), Lakeland Winter Haven Kennel Club (LWHKC) and Imperial Polk Obedience Club (IPOC).  Throughout the years Tom & Joanne have been on the board of both MFGRC & LWHKC, enjoy browsing around our website and feel free to contact us with any of your questions.





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